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About Us

Before there was a Mariscos Chihuahua, there was only Mariscos. In 1971 a small stand opened in Nogales, Mexico selling Mariscos (Seafood). The stand opened next to a well- known fruit stand “Fruteria Chihuahua". The old location was on 5th Ave, & McDowell Rd. now we have a great new location on Indian School Road.


People from all over Nogales would shop at this famous fruit stand and soon started buying ceviche, cocktails, and other Mariscos at the stand next door. When the word started to spread about this little Mariscos stand and it’s amazing recipes, people would refer to it as “the Mariscos next to the Chihuahua”, and that is where Mariscos Chihuahua came to be.


Once the stand grew into a full size restaurant the name Mariscos Chihuahua followed. As the founding family grew, so did the famous recipes.

When part of the family moved to Tucson and Phoenix they found a market for their delicious Mariscos.


Decades later we find Mariscos in Phoenix, Tucson, Nogales, Az. and Sierra Vista. The restaurants have now been passed down from generation to generation and we hope to keep this tradition going.As a family we serve the freshest seafood using the same recipes as the very first Mariscos stand.


With eight different locations between Mexico and the U.S Mariscos Chihuahua offers the best seafood in the desert, fresh and made just for you to enjoy the flavor of Mexican mariscos with a family touch.

Because they are all managed and owned individually, menus, prices and presentation may differ from restaurant to restaurant.